9 Most Common Types Of Warehouse Jobs Explained


As warehouses are locations that few people have been in prior to working in one, they may feel a bit foreign and confusing. Thus, it makes sense to ask what kinds of employment there are given how different one distribution center might appear from another. Here are nine of the most common warehouse jobs.

Inventory Picker

This could involve working with finished items or dealing with components and ingredients for things that are being manufactured, depending on the type of warehouse you\’re in. This can be a physically strenuous position, and you might frequently have to lift weights that weigh more than fifty pounds.

Warehouse Packer

A packer in a warehouse is in charge of precisely and rapidly packing orders while taking organization and safety precautions into account.

Packing Associate

A lot of warehouses require concentrated, sharp-eyed work like this: You are in charge of double-checking the packing list to ensure that everything made it into the order and that the stock was correctly picked.

Sorting Associate

You will act as the inbound shipments\’ gatekeeper. Open the packing, check the contents against the bill, manage any missing or extra material in accordance with corporate standards, and arrange the products for storing. You can be stationary at a station along a production line, or you might be moving around.

Receiving and Shipping Clerk

View and generate packing papers, postage, and shipping tags for incoming order bills. You can be maintaining records, checking arriving goods, and keeping an eye on inventories when doing receiving duties.

Forklift Driver

You will be hauling pallets and packing trailers all throughout the warehouse as part of your job. Even if you spend the majority of the day sitting down, your brain still needs to be awake and vigilant. It will be left to you to decide where to position bins and pallets during loading to ensure safety.

Material Handler

In a warehouse, there may be considerable overlap between various responsibilities, and this job is no exception. Inventory is a major focus of material handlers\’ employment; they move, store, and record item locations. You might be using a forklift to stack packages, wrap pallets, or perhaps pursue crane operator training.

Stocking Associate

If you want to keep things neat, orderly, and organized, you would really appreciate this position. Before it affects packers, you could let inventory associates know about low product levels. Because portable RF scanners are essential to your employment, your trigger finger would get the most activity, but you still need to be able to often bend and lift weights.

Machine Operator

When the manual and automated machinery, conveyor lines, and weighing apparatus are configured and operating well, warehouses thrive. However, even the greatest machinery can develop problems, which might hinder or halt the supply chain. You will be responsible for keeping an eye on these systems\’ regular activities.

Warehouse Stock Manager

Even while you might require prior experience for this position—many warehouses prefer to promote from within—you might rapidly acquire it in one of the aforementioned positions. Inventory managers are in charge of both the stock and the stock associates. Recruit, train, plan, and place stock orders.

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