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If you run a company, you have to employ many different staff to keep operations running smoothly. You need to know which services you require, and become familiar with the job descriptions so that you can find the most suitable people for the job. Read on to learn more about order pickers!

Understanding the Role of Order Pickers

An order picker is a person who picks and delivers material from storage to fill orders. They take inventory from the shelves and make sure that the products match the ones that are ordered. Then, they pack the orders and load them for delivery.

Order pickers cover a wide range of services. Here is the job scope of order pickers:

Take warehouse items from shelves based on size, number, color, quality, and quantity requirements.

  • Handle pick ticket orders
  • Check that orders are accurate
  • Operate handling equipment and follow safety regulations
  • Monitor product dispatch and storage
  • Look after stock replenishment
  • Process specific orders and monitor stock control systems
  • Check that warehouse goals are met
  • Maintain a good level of safety and health standards
  • Load delivery vehicles
  • Shrink wraps products
  • Operate scanners so inventory is managed well and the proper order is picked
  • Pack warehouse orders
  • Perform other required general warehouse duties

Benefits of Hiring Order Pickers

Order pickers are there to manage pick ticket orders from the warehouse staff and they physically take inventory off the shelves in order to ensure that the right products are delivered. They pack orders, shrink wrap contents and load them onto trucks to be delivered. This will allow you to have accurate orders and updated records of inventory so that the warehouse operations will flow smoothly.

Having a professional order picker will make sure they are well-equipped with the appropriate skills to do the job. It will make the process easier and smoother when you hire efficient workers. You will also be able to save on costs in the long run.

How Our Order Picker Staffing Specialists Can Help

Finding qualified professionals is key for warehouse staffing. By looking for order picker staffing specialists, you will be able to find the right order picker in no time. Our specialists are here to recommend workers who will help you increase efficiency, lower costs, and promote success. If you are looking for people to streamline logistics or organize your inventory, consider talking to order picker staging specialists to guide you on this journey.

Why Choose General Workforce?

With many years of experience, General Workforce is able to help increase your efficiency with little effort. Our team best understands how to maximize your business profits and productivity in various areas from construction work to logistics.

We will be able to provide you with highly skilled workers, who are well-trained and pre-screened, to handle any job. We work together with industry leaders who have the same hope of increasing customer satisfaction. General Workforce is committed to providing you with excellent construction labor that is affordable as well.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

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