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When it comes to running a company, the right staff is crucial for seamless operations. This includes the key role of order pickers. Gain insights into the responsibilities and benefits of order pickers, and discover how General Workforce’s order picker staffing specialists can elevate your warehouse efficiency.

Understanding the Role of Order Picker Staffing

Order pickers play a vital role in warehouse operations by picking and delivering materials to fill orders accurately. Their responsibilities encompass a diverse range of services, ensuring the smooth flow of warehouse activities.

Job Scope of Order Pickers

  • Taking warehouse items based on specific requirements
  • Handling pick ticket orders
  • Ensuring order accuracy
  • Operating handling equipment with adherence to safety regulations
  • Monitoring product dispatch and storage
  • Overseeing stock replenishment
  • Processing specific orders and managing stock control systems
  • Meeting warehouse goals
  • Maintaining safety and health standards
  • Loading delivery vehicles and shrink-wrapping products
  • Utilizing scanners for efficient inventory management
  • Packing warehouse orders
  • Performing other essential general warehouse duties

Benefits of Hiring Order Picker Staffing

Employing skilled order pickers ensures the accuracy of orders, updated inventory records, and the overall smooth functioning of warehouse operations. The expertise of a professional order picker streamlines processes, making the hiring of efficient workers a cost-effective investment in the long run.

How Our Order Picker Staffing Specialists Can Help

Hiring competent order pickers is crucial to staffing a warehouse. The order picker staffing experts at General Workforce are committed to recommending employees who enhance productivity, cut expenses, and promote overall success. Whether you require help with inventory management or logistics, our experts walk you through the selection process.

Why Choose General Workforce?

With years of experience, General Workforce excels in enhancing efficiency across various domains, from construction to logistics. Our commitment to maximizing business profits and productivity is evident in our collaboration with industry leaders who share the goal of increasing customer satisfaction. Count on us for highly skilled, well-trained, and pre-screened workers who can handle any job with excellence and affordability.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

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