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Professional Skilled Construction Administrative Assistants

The best type of construction job site is a safe and secure one. Coordination and harmony between workers are important aspects of any business, but in fields like construction, it affects much more than productivity. An unorganized construction workforce could have disastrous effects. That is why, you must be very mindful while hiring a construction administrative assistant to oversee job site operations. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to take help from hiring professionals like General Workforce.

Good Construction Administrative Assistant



  • File (both soft copy and hard copy) daily reports of work done, supplies used, incoming inventory, etc.
  • Create important documents like manuals, safety instructions, etc
  • Manage the calendar for an important meeting
  • Help the site foreman with managing the day-to-day operation
  • Manage incoming calls and other forms of communications
  • Prepare and file important forms like purchase/change orders, agreements, etc.
  • Keep contact with suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, and other third parties.

General Workforce to Get the Best Construction Administrative Assistant


An average construction site can be full of chaos, with equipment and noise surrounding you. In such an environment it is essential to have good coordination and communication between the workers. At General Workforce our motto is competence, teamwork, and customer satisfaction. We source potential candidates that are skilled in their field and are more likely to perform better in a team. This allows us to create a workforce that performs like clockwork, always delivering on time.

Importance of a Qualifies Constructions Administrative Assistant


A construction Project assistant is an essential job rob role. These employees look after the daily operations of a job site and coordinate with other workers and site administrators, to ensure there are plenty of supplies. They also create orders for new tools and equipment. Basically, they provide a much-needed helping hand to whoever of overseeing the construction site.

What Skills Should a Good Construction Administrative Assistant Have?


  • At least a rudimentary grasp of general MS Office software
  • Must be good at scheduling and organizing calendars
  • A good communicator is always an essential part of being an administrator
  • They should be capable of taking initiative


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Frequently Asked Questions 


What does an administrative assistant do in construction?

A construction administrative assistant performs important tasks like managing documents, maintaining supply inventory, dealing with vendors, ensuring proper safety protocols, etc.

What are 2 tasks an administrative assistant will carry out?

Two essential tasks that every administrative assistant must do, are-

  • Maintain a calendar with important events and meetings
  • Ensure that there is a stock of important supplies and tools in the work area

What is the average construction administrative assistant salary?

An average construction administrative assistant earns around $44,116 on an annual basis in the United States. However, several factors may increase or decrease this number.

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