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Empower your dental practice by choosing to hire dental administrative assistant for your organization. At General Workforce, our commitment is to provide you with a selection of trained professionals perfectly suited to integrate seamlessly into your workforce. We excel in matching the right candidates for Dental Administrative Specialist positions, ensuring a blend of qualifications and personalities that align with the unique demands of your dental practice.

Professional Dental Administrative Assistant​

Responsibilities of a Dental Administrative Assistant

Certified Dental Administrative Assistant

Discover the essential roles undertaken by our Dental Administrative Assistants, ensuring the smooth functioning of your dental office:

  • Greet and accommodate walk-in patients and appointments.
  • Handle calls and schedule appointments for patients.
  • Perform sterilization procedures on medical equipment and uniforms.
  • Assist dentists during 4-handed procedures.
  • Explain post-operative safety guidelines and hygiene tips to patients.
  • Maintain stock of supplies and equipment in the office.
  • Manage vendor communications regarding prices, delays, etc.
  • Keep meticulous records of test results and reports.
  • Maintain records of all patients in and out of the clinic/office.

Hire Dental Administrative Assistant: Making the Right Choice

In order to select the most qualified candidates in a variety of fields, we at General Workforce give equal weight to both personality and qualifications during the training process. Exceptional skills and substantial experience as support staff in various disciplines characterize our dental administrative candidates. Communication that works and providing excellent customer service are critical in the field of dental administrative services. In order to prioritize the needs of our patients, we teach our candidates to act with empathy and compassion toward them.

Efficiently Orchestrating Dental Administrative Excellence

Dental administrative assistants play a pivotal role in greeting and guiding patients, handling insurance formalities, assisting dentists, managing supplies, communicating with vendors, and overseeing office processes. General Workforce prioritizes the training of candidates in both qualifications and personalities for exceptional selection. Our Dental Administrative Specialists excel in communication and customer service, exhibiting compassion and prioritizing patient needs.

Key Traits to Look For to Hire Dental Administrative Assistant

Many qualities are required in an administrative assistant, like good communication skills, the ability to manage inventories, cooperate with other employees, etc. However, in specialized fields like dental, they need to have something more. A competent Dental Administrative Professional needs to be a compassionate &empathetic individual. They need to make sure that a patient has a positive healthcare experience whenever they come to the office. They also need to be able to multi-task rather successfully

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

Interviewing Candidates for Professional Cleaning Staff Services Roles


Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Administrative Assistant

What is the role of a dental administrative assistant?

A dental administrative assistant is responsible for making sure that a dental office is running smoothly. Their job duties include everything from greeting the patients and filing in the paperwork to maintaining office supplies & conducting outgoing patient interviews.

What is the difference between a dental associate and a dental assistant?

A dental assistant is someone whose only job is to assist a dentist during procedures. They generally require some form of education and basic training in the dental field. A Dental Administrative Support, on the other hand, has to take charge of so much more. They are responsible for making sure that all the background tasks are performed effectively and in a timely manner.

What is the most valuable skill for a dental assistant?

There are two most important skills that are necessary for a dental administrative assistant. They are – Compassion and Attention to Detail. They need compassion toward the patients to make sure that they are in a stress-free environment. On the other hand, they also have to have a keen eye on a lot of things like paperwork, reports, prescriptions, etc.

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