Armed with years of experience in the construction staffing industry, we, at General Workforce, always provide first-class assistance to our clients\’ projects. You may want to hire painters for a construction job but hate the worry that comes with looking for the best ones. Don’t fret, our company is ready to help you. It doesn\’t matter if the project is big or small. We can offer you the most qualified painters to get the job done.

Understanding the Role of Painters

General Workforce hires painters, on behalf of our clients, who already possess or are willing to be trained on the particular roles and responsibilities that come with the job. Some of the skills that painters should possess are the following:

  • Handle planning and preparation efficiently
  • Calculate time and cost needed for a project
  • Negotiate job prices
  • Communicate constantly with clients to satisfy their needs
  • Prepare paint surfaces, which includes removal of old paint, hole-repair and/or wall-washing
  • Mix and match, and apply paint/finishes on different surface areas
  • Clean up supplies and reinstall fixtures or hardware after the painting job is done

Just like carpenters, painters need to be dedicated and are physically and mentally fit. A project may require them to work on weekends or overtime to meet a deadline. From time to time, they might find themselves carrying some heavy tools or may be doing paint jobs at a high area, so they must always be on their toes to avoid accidents.

Benefits of Hiring Painters

Some people would like to cut labor costs by doing a paint job on their own or hiring non-professionals for the project. No one can really blame them especially if there is a tight budget involved. However, such undertaking may cause you to shell out more money in the long run instead of saving. If you hire professional painters, you are assured that the painting job will go through the proper preparation phase. They can cover everything that you don\’t want to have paint on covered properly. They can uninstall and reinstall fixtures, such as moldings or window frames, that are in the way of painting surfaces. Doing these steps ensures that the construction is spick and span after the job is done. Because painters are specialists and trained, the job atmosphere is a lot safer. This is especially true for home projects. You don\’t have to worry about injuries that may arise from you doing a DIY paint job. Lastly, if you hire painters, you are assured that the work is of high quality because these people know what they are doing. There would be no uneven paint coats, chipping paint after a few weeks, or paint splashes in the wrong places. They clean up during and after the project is done so you know you\’ll have the most professional finish on your painted surfaces.

How Our Painter Staffing Specialists Can Help

The painter staffing specialists at General Workforce are certified human resources managers. They are proficient and skilled in screening painters, who would become a part of our company, and by extension yours, once you hire them for a project. Our staffing experts only select the applicants who can uphold high quality results in painting jobs.

Because our company already has a list of professional painters, once we are hired, our team of specialists would choose from this list based on your preference. After which, they would work closely with you until the end of the project.

Why Choose General Workforce?

Exceeding our client\’s expectations is something we are proud of at General Workforce. To achieve this goal, we always ensure to hire the most qualified staffing specialists, who would, in turn, select the most competent painters in the construction industry.

Because our company also strives to always learn and grow, we see to it to always train our employees to become even better professional painters, who would always work effectively and efficiently on the task given to them. The best thing about General Workforce, you can enjoy quality service without having to break the bank. We provide services at the fraction of the cost, which is up to 60% savings on all employments.

Reach out to one of our painter staffing experts by calling us at (718) 674-6829 or sending us an email today.

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