Firms that distribute finished goods as their core business require a good warehousing management system to ensure their products can be managed efficiently for order fulfillment. There are numerous roles to fill which can involve a time-consuming recruitment process before all positions are filled. To help your company better facilitate staffing, General Workforce has the necessary resources you need.

Cycle Counters

Cycle counters are tasked to participate in the cycle count of inventories. They count the inventory their warehouse currently has on hand.

Distribution Managers

A distribution manager organizes the storage of warehouse inventory and its distribution to ensure order fulfillment gets executed efficiently.

Forklift Operators

A forklift operator moves, delivers, loads, and unloads goods in a warehouse to be stocked into shelves or racks for storage.

General Laborers

A general laborer typically performs hands-on, physical work in a warehouse. They also pick and pack goods into packages or boxes to prepare for shipment.

Inventory Clerks

An inventory clerk is responsible for maintaining and managing all inventory of a warehouse that includes parts and products. They also record new stocks and perform stock takes.

Material Handlers

A material handler moves and stores inventory within a warehouse. They also load and unload stocks that need to be transported as well as perform stock takes of inventory.


A loader and unloader packs, loads, and unloads trucks and pallets full of inventory that are received from freight shipments.

Understanding the Role of Order Pickers

An order picker is a worker who picks inventory to be packed into packages or boxes to be prepared for shipment to customers.



A packager is a worker who packs picked goods into packaging or boxes to prepare them for shipment to fulfill customer orders.

Shipping Clerks

A shipping clerk manages the shipment of goods, materials, and supplies. They also communicate with the logistics team on shipping information as well as collaborate with customers on order fulfillment.

Warehouse Associates

A warehouse associate is a general worker who transports, stocks, and picks materials and goods. They may also be required to pack orders to prepare inventory for shipment to customers.

Warehouse Workers

A warehouse worker is responsible in making sure that inventory gets properly picked and packed for loading and shipping.

How Our Warehousing Staffing Specialists Can Help

An efficient warehousing management system requires professional workers to fill up various positions. To match with qualified candidates for a number of roles requires extensive effort and plenty of time which can be handled fully by our staffing specialists. We thoroughly understand each of the roles surrounding a warehousing environment, thus we are able to narrow down your search for the different workers for your warehouse.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce is the staffing agency you should work with for all your manpower needs. We perform comprehensive screening of every employee profile to match you with the most suitable candidates. Our services are priced at the most competitive rates in comparison to other competitors in the market to let you get the most value.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

Interviewing Candidates for Professional Cleaning Staff Services Roles


Ready to Get Started? Request Staff. We deliver specialized national staffing solutions for businesses. Speak to one of our experts about what we can do for you.

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