Commercial Work

At General Workforce, we have the most dedicated, talented, and hardworking professionals who can get every piece of job done, where and when you need them. We offer a wide array of services, focused on construction work, to our clients in New York. Whether you are in need of commercial cleaning or scaffolding services, and any commercial work services, we are the team you can trust.


Our carpenters are experts in the repair, construction, erection, and installation of fixtures and structures using wood and other materials. We will do every job assigned to us no matter how simple or complicated it is. We always perform our carpentry work according to local building code standards.

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General Workforce painters are experts both in interior and exterior painting services. We always help our clients determine and maximize the use of colors in their business establishments. Our expert painters take all the painting jobs for you and will assist you further when making choices that will make your dream project come true.


Our electricians understand the ins and outs of commercial work. We are ready not just to install electrical and power systems for businesses, and factories. We also help our clients maintain them. Likewise, we install wiring systems and control necessary equipment needed for the proper flow of electricity in a property.

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HVAC Specialists

Our HVAC specialists are there to assist you whether you need an emergency repair or maintenance checks for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units. At General Workforce, our experts are always available to handle all your HVAC needs. We always exceed expectations by providing our clients with customized services.


Our plumbers at General Workforce understand specific responsibilities and are trained to do the job efficiently and effectively. We install pipes and plumbing fixtures, and even visually inspect and operate test equipment, whenever necessary. We also troubleshoot problems for emergency repairs, while also having knowledge on how to clear an obstruction from toilets and sink drains.

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Using appropriate welding techniques, our welders are experts in cutting, designing, and permanently joining metal parts for specific projects. We have the technology, equipment, and tools to perform various welding processes like TIG, electric arc welding, and MIG.


Our roofers take charge of repairing damaged roofs. Before we do that, we also inspect the part for damages, and provide cost estimates pertaining to the repair and building of roofs. We also take charge of installing insulation, and ensure that the roof gets sealing to avoid leaks in the future.

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Masonry Workers

General Workforce hires expert masonry workers who specialize in layering all sorts of building materials – from concrete and bricks to tiles, and a whole lot more. We also alter, repair, fabricate, and maintain floors, street curbs, bathroom showers, manholes, sidewalks, and others.

Drywall Hangers and Finishers

Whether your building needs crack repairs or you simply want to hang drywall on it, our team of drywall hangers and finishers are ready to do the job. We also smooth imperfections on ceilings and walls, and take charge of preparing them for treatment or painting later on.

Scaffold Erect

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How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

Interviewing Candidates for Professional Cleaning Staff Services Roles


Ready to Get Started? Request Staff. We deliver specialized national staffing solutions for businesses. Speak to one of our experts about what we can do for you.

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