Hire the Best Sales Administrative Assistant for Your Business

Hire the Best Sales Administrative Assistant for Your Business

The sales department of any business is responsible for generating revenue and allowing the company to exist and expand. A like any department, they also need administerial oversight to ensure smooth functioning. Hiring a professional sales administrative assistant will help you streamline the majority of day-to-day sales operations. So, with the help of General Workforce, you can find qualified sales admin assistants at a fraction of the cost.

Essential Responsibilities of a Sales Administrative Assistant

  • Maintain records of important documents and client information
  • Manage clerical tasks like filing, answering emails and calls, etc
  • Responsible for organizing sales staff meetings
  • Communicate with and maintain a network of sales representatives in the field
  • They also train new recruits and get them acquainted with the sales floor

General Workforce: Get Access to the Best Support Staff Candidates for a Sales Administrative Assistant Position

Our assessment and hiring team at General Workforce uses a combination of carefully conducted interviews to select the best potential sales staff for you. We go through each resume and reference to get an insight into the potential of every candidate in their respective field. Our goal is to provide you with the best support staff workforce. Whether you need a sales administrative assistant part time candidate or a full-time staff, General Workforce is here for you.

What Does a Sales Administrative Assistant Do?

The job duties of a sales admin assistant are to act in a supportive role for the sales department of an organization. They take care of all the background tasks, from clerical work to organizing meetings and events. With the aid of a good sales administrative assistant, you can run your department without any hitches and hurdles.

Skills to Look for in a Good Sales Administrative Assistant

An administrative role requires a particular set of skills, needed to maintain the optimal functioning of the department-

  • Dealing with customer grievances & ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Keen attention to detail allows them to organize events & meetings without any mistakes
  • The ability to multi-task and prioritize these tasks without oversight from superiors
  • Must have good organizational skills to make sure that the department keeps running smoothly
  • Be capable of operating independently without any need for micromanaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes a good sales administrative assistant?

A good sales admin assistant is capable of communicating with customers on behalf of the company and ensuring good service. They must also be able to take care of the small day-to-day clerical tasks and fulfill support staff duties to the rest of the department.

Q2. What is the average sales administrative assistant salary?

The salary of a sales administrative assistant can vary based on several factors like job location, previous experience, size of the company, etc. However, the average salary for this position in the United States can be anywhere between $39,590 to $50,790 per year.

Q3. Is sales admin a good job?

Yes, although it is an entry-level job position, but it can help you gain valuable experience and skills. In addition, a sales admin can help you get into more prestigious positions like business management.

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