Cycle Counters

Cycle counters are responsible for cycle counting, an auditing procedure whereby a company’s physical inventory is counted on a continuous basis to match inventory records without having to interrupt the business’ operations.

A variety of cycle counting methods can be used depending on the nature of the business. When it comes to counting physical items, high-volume items and key assets are usually counter on a more frequent basis. Other methods of cycle counting include random sample, hybrid, opportunity-based counting, and control group counting.

Understanding the Role of Cycle Counters

Cycle counters are responsible to regularly perform counts on stock and recording the necessary adjustments on specific products.

Cycle counters first begin the process by reviewing inventory records on an accurate database. A cycle count report is then generated to be used as a means of comparison. Then begins the physical count process, where inventory descriptions, locations, and quantities are matched against the cycle count report for discrepancies. Should there be any differences identified, they are then taken to the stock manager for reconciliation, before trying to identify if there is any pattern or reason for the errors. Inventory counting procedures or policies are then amended wherever necessary. Finally, adjustments will be made to the inventory record database. The whole process will then be repeated for the next cycle and so on.

Benefits of Hiring Cycle Counters

Cycle counters often split business’ inventory into different categories for counting so that business operations do not have to be halted.

This process helps to minimize interruptions in warehouses, reduce required safety stock, lower overhead costs, and also make physical counting a less painful process.

Other benefits of hiring cycle counters include lower audit fees, no employee overtime costs, elimination of painful annual counts, detection of thefts in a timely manner, fewer inventory write-offs, an increase in operation efficiency, fewer errors in the future, higher sales, more accurate inventory assessments, better customer service, and eventually a higher order fulfillment rate with less room for mistake.

Our cycle counter experts aim to improve the process of inventory tracking in your company with an increased focus on key assets. They know which method of cycle counting is more suitable for the differences and will seek to explain, recommend, and undertake the necessary steps that are best for business.

Our cycle counting staff will not just stop at counting your inventory, but also look for solutions that can be implemented to improve operations, troubleshoot potential causes for errors, seek opportunities for automation, and others alike.

How Our Cycle Counter Staffing Specialists Can Help

Here at General Workforce, we have multiple cycle counter staffing specialists that have a wealth of experience when it comes to recruiting and hiring cycle counters. As such, we know how to identify high-performing cycle counters, and we have some of them working with us that are looking for new projects like yours.

Why Choose General Workforce?

With a history of over 40 years, General Workforce has accrued a wealth of experience in helping our clients to source for the right people. Every day, we empower our staff and equip them with new skills so that they are able to perform the best service for our clients.

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