Hire the Best Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Hire the Best Human Resources Administrative Assistant

People/employees are the most important resource for any business, be it cleaning to handling high-profile clients, we need humans in almost every department. That is why most companies have a separate department that only oversees the management of this valuable resource. However, a single HR manager cannot look over all the operations of the department. Therefore, they require a trusted and highly skilled human resources administrative assistant to help them maintain a healthy work environment for the employees.

On the Job Duties of Human Resources Administrative Assistant

  • Manage soft & hard copies of employee records.
  • Compile a list of potential recruits and schedule interviews.
  • Help create payroll sheets by compiling attendance, overtime, bonuses, etc.
  • Maintaining communication with employees and the HR manager.
  • Be the first line for a grievance hearing.

Have Easy Access to Professional Human Resources Administrative Assistant

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What Does a Human Resource Administrative Assistant Do?

It is a type of support staff that provides assistance to the human resources department of an organization. A human resources administrative assistant is responsible for taking care of basic tasks like paperwork, database management, setting up grievance hearings, etc. They are especially necessary in medium to large organizations, where the workforce is of greater number.

Essential Skills Necessary for a Good Human Resources Administrative Assistant

  • Should be proficient in using software like Excel, Word, ERF software, etc
  • Must have good interpersonal communication skills
  • A good grasp of company policies and values
  • Must be capable of working as a team player
  • Punctuality and Resourcefulness

Frequently Asked Questions About Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Q1. What is the role of HR administrative assistant?

An HR administrative assistant is a support staff, the primary role of which is to provide assistance to the human resources department. They perform tasks that allow the HR department to work smoothly and maintain a good line of communication between it and the employees.

Q2. Who is higher than HR assistant?

Generally, a human resources administrative assistant reports directly to the HR manager or HR business partner.

Q3. What is the highest salary for HR assistant?

An HR assistant can earn anywhere from $39,000 to $45,000 per year. However, these numbers can differ based on the size of the organization, the state in which you live, your experience, and negotiations.

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