General Laborers

The term general labor encompasses a wide range of job functions and positions, and typically involves any physical task that is usually hands-on and doesn’t require any specific skill set. Work involved greatly revolves around the business as well as the industry involved, and so they find themselves in both indoor and outdoor environments at work.

However, most laborers are referred to work in the construction field, and examples of works assigned include works with commercial buildings, road paving, bridges and tunnels, landscaping, moving, as well as cleaning.

Understanding the Role of General Laborers

General laborers’ job responsibilities differ by worksites. For example, a general laborer that works in a construction site may have to use tools and build structures, a general laborer that works in a warehouse may have to unload and move boxes, while a general laborer that does landscaping may have to rake leaves, mow lawns, as well as plant flowers.

Since their job function can differ greatly, there are certain attributes that are desirable for general laborers:

  • Ability to follow both written and spoken instructions
  • Comfortable with working at heights
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and possess good teamwork capabilities
  • Be physically fit
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • Familiar and have experience with safety protocols within the construction industry.

A non-exhaustive list of day-to-day duties a general laborer can expect to do is:

  • Performing set-up and clean-up tasks on job site
  • General maintenance of construction vehicles and equipment
  • Assisting to direct traffic near the job site
  • Climbing heights to conduct work with safety measures in place
  • Constructing roads and paths
  • Operating forklifts
  • Loading and unloading goods

Benefits of Hiring General Laborers

General laborers are usually assigned tasks and duties by their supervisors. When it comes to operations in the warehouse, there are such a wide variety of tasks that need to be done to ensure smooth operation. However, there cannot be a specific role for every task as that would increase the headcount of employees when it is not necessary.

This is where general laborers come in to assist and facilitate a smooth operation. In addition, the practice of getting warehouse workers with other roles to do general labor jobs is not recommended, especially if the worker plays an important role in safety such as a forklift operator.

How Our General Laborer Staffing Specialists Can Help

Having accrued a wealth of experience from working with different clients over the years, our general laborer staffing specialists here at General Workforce are able to identify and recruit some of the best general laborers in the industry. In addition, we can also help to identify the general laborers who excel in the areas that are most applicable to your needs.

Why Choose General Workforce?

Here at General Workforce, our general laborers go through frequent training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest practices as well safety regulations in the workspace. As such, they are not only able to perform their tasks well but can also help you to look out for potential safety hazards and suggest recommendations to make the warehouse a safer place for all employees.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

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