Inventory Clerks

Inventory clerks are responsible for managing the products and supplies that come in and out of a business. They also help to ensure an accurate count of stored items in both warehouses and showroom floors if applicable.

In some industries, inventory clerks are required to be outdoors to receive shipments on loading docks.

Understanding the Role of Inventory Clerks

Inventory clerks are in charge of inventory records, which play an essential role in the supply chain management of businesses. Inventory records must be accurate at all times. Should there be any discrepancies between the projected and physical inventory, the inventory record will be able to show the movement of these inventories. Furthermore, they are also commonly used and studied by businesses when implementing strategies to develop a more efficient supply chain management process.

Apart from that, inventory clerks are also responsible for ensuring all items are being stored in the right places. In the day of a life of an inventory clerk, they typically engage in the following tasks:

  • Review and apply any inventory activities, such as movements as well as deletions.
  • Reconcile inventory discrepancies
  • Update and maintain the inventory records
  • Preparing a list of items that are depleting as well as surveying items deemed to be unusable.
  • Creating and implementing inventory management procedures to increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Enforcing loss prevention of goods.
  • Compile price, balance, and cost reports.

Benefits of Hiring Inventory Clerks

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an inventory clerk would be proper accounting of goods movement. If you find that you always seem to have some goods missing or issues caused by stock discrepancies, then hiring an inventory clerk can help to greatly alleviate that for you.

They are also able to generate reports and documentation which can be useful as a reference when reviewing certain policies and strategies.

Our inventory clerks undergo in-depth training regularly and attend refresher courses to ensure that they are up to date with the latest skills and technologies that are associated with inventory management.

In addition, they also possess good analytical and math skills to minimize errors when accounting for inventory. Lastly, our inventory clerks possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. This will help to minimize misunderstandings as our staff will be sure to clarify any doubts instead of acting based on their assumption of your business.

How Our Inventory Clerk Staffing Specialists Can Help

Here at General Workforce, our inventory clerk staffing specialists are seasoned in hiring inventory clerks and know how to identify the ones that are right for the job. We first identify the needs and requirements you have before handpicking an inventory clerk that excels in relevant areas and is most suitable for you.

Why Choose General Workforce?

With a long history of over 40 years, General Workforce knows what it takes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics movement for our clients. The experience gained by our team members also means that they are able to adapt to work for different clients in different industries, and even suggest recommendations to improve the supply chain management process for our clients.

We provide the best collective workforce of skilled trades here in New York and our clients expect nothing less when it comes to merchandising as well as warehouse staffing.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

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