Loaders and unloaders work in warehouses and oversee the shipping operations. Just as the name suggests, their main role is to load freight onto ships, trucks, trains, and other transportation means alike before they are sent out. They then also help to unload incoming freight to warehouse facilities.

While it may seem like a straightforward job, there is more to this role than meets the eye.

Understanding the Role of Loaders/Unloaders

Loading and unloading is a time and labor-intensive job and requires both quick thinking as well as physical exertion, good organizational skills, and being able to adhere to regulations set in place. In most cases, freight is not simply and randomly dumped in and out of shipping vehicles. Instead, they are carefully categorized and arranged to maximize the use of space within the cargo area.

In addition to that, not all freight is created equal, and some cargos will require specific handling rules while others have different priority statuses. Loaders and unloaders hence have to be able to work through all these parameters. They must also take all precautions necessary to ensure that time-sensitive cargoes are accurately loaded before it is brought to the next hub.

Day to day operations include tasks such as:

  • Train on a forklift, electric jack, as well as walkie stacker.
  • Manage customer support, quality representation, and quality communication for every customer.
  • Scan and account for products with RF guns and use double jacks to drop off freight into isles for lift drivers.

Benefits of Hiring Loaders/Unloaders

Loaders and unloaders are the backbones of the logistics movement within your business supply chain. As such, having an efficient and productive team of loaders and unloaders will ensure accurate and timely transportation of goods so that they are where they needed to be at the right time.

Loaders and unloaders also play an essential role in the communication between staff, managers, and supervisors should there be any inconsistencies or issues. They will also help to ensure that your products are well-represented in front of your customers.

Our loaders and unloaders are trained to be meticulous in maintaining accurate documentation of inventory, organizing goods, as well as examining goods for their quality and quantity.

How Our Loader/Unloader Staffing Specialists Can Help

General Workforce has an invaluable wealth of experience recruiting and hiring loaders/unloaders for our clients. We identify the high performing ones and have some of them looking for even more projects like yours to work on.

Another advantage of our experience is that we are able to identify which loaders and unloaders are best suited for your needs considering the circumstances of your project. Throughout the project, we always keep in touch with our clients to work through any questions to ensure a smooth project.

Why Choose General Workforce?

Here at General Workforce, all our loaders and unloaders undergo frequent training to ensure that they are well-equipped and up to date with the latest strategies and techniques loaders and unloaders possess. Another invaluable advantage possess is the experience we have gained over our years in operation. As such, our loaders and unloaders can effectively adapt to work in different companies.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

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