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For companies with an office that has a lobby, it is recommended to place a receptionist at the front entrance to welcome clients and visitors. This allows them to be greeted in a professional manner and to have their inquiries and requests carefully managed by the receptionist. Professional interaction can help your company to build a positive reputation by creating a great first impression. If you need to hire Receptionist Administrative Assistant on a contract or permanent term, we can match the right candidates for you. We have a wide selection of profiles for you to choose from to fit your specific job descriptions.

Professional Receptionist Administrative Assistant

Understanding the Role of Receptionists

Certified Receptionist Assistant

Discover the versatile role of a receptionist: booking meetings, managing deliveries, handling calls, maintaining a tidy area, sorting mails, and more. A proficient Receptionist Administrative Assistant must exhibit meticulousness, attention to detail, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to thrive under pressure.

A receptionist is basically a worker who is seated behind the reception desk at an office lobby and tasked to greet and welcome clients and visitors. The worker may also be assigned to perform basic receptionist administrative skills and duties that include the following

    • Book meetings

    • Arrange couriers or deliveries

    • Answer and forward phone calls

    • Keep reception area tidy

    • Sort and distribute mails

    • Screen phone calls

A Professional Receptionist Administrative Assistant needs to be equipped with various traits such as being meticulous, having an eye for details, being able to work well under pressure, being polite and warm, being able to multi-task, and more.

Why You Should Hire Receptionist Administrative Assistant for Your Company

Elevating your company’s operational dynamics, hiring a receptionist transcends traditional roles, offering a myriad of benefits. Beyond the initial warm welcome, receptionists contribute to the positive image of your business, enhancing customer experiences through effective communication and professionalism. Their adept multitasking ensures organizational efficiency, allowing seamless coordination among team members. Serving as an information hub, receptionists streamline communication, optimizing time and resources. Additionally, their role in security and access control reinforces workplace safety. By choosing to hire receptionist assistants with top skills, your company not only fosters a welcoming atmosphere but also unlocks value through improved brand image, enhanced customer satisfaction, and overall operational excellence.

How Our Staffing Experts Can Help You Hire Receptionist Assistant?

A good receptionist is someone who possesses a variety of different traits. At General Workforce, our receptionist staffing specialists can help you perform an intensive screening process to ensure you get to hire the most suitable candidates with the right skills. We have an extensive portfolio that comprises various workers from different backgrounds and have an array of skills and knowledge. By working with our staffing specialists, we can help you narrow down your manpower search so you can focus on your business.

Why General Workforce Stands Out

Choose General Workforce for competitive rates without compromising on quality labor. Our comprehensive screening process guarantees the recommendation of candidates aligning perfectly with your job requirements. Save time and effort with our qualified, certified, and experienced workers, allowing you to focus on your business priorities.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

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