Questions To Ask Roofers Before Hiring

Did you know that your roof protects your home from more than just rain? Yes, it\’s true! A good roof keeps your family and belongings safe from everything – from excessive heat to severe weather damage like hail and tornadoes. That\’s why it\’s essential to make sure you hire the right roofers to take care of the job the first time around. It\’s worth asking these questions to ensure that your roof will provide maximum protection over time.

Are You Licensed?

When looking for a new roofer, you should first find out if they are legally allowed to work in your home. Since only licensed professionals can legally perform roofing services in most states, you should make sure that any person who offers roofing services is properly registered and insured. Having an official license doesn\’t guarantee that someone is a good roofer, but it\’s one sign of professionalism and experience.

Have You Been Insured for Workers\’ Compensation?

Although it is a state law, not all roofing companies carry workman\’s comp insurance. If your contractor does not have workman\’s comp insurance and an employee of theirs gets injured, you can be held liable for their medical bills. The good news is that liability insurance will cover these costs if you hire a roofer who carries workman\’s comp insurance.

Are You Covered by General Liability Insurance?

Liability coverage protects you from accidents and injuries that may occur on your property. Having liability insurance can protect you from a lawsuit in case someone is injured or makes a claim against you for an accident. Liability insurance also covers any damage that your company has caused to another person\’s property. Liability insurance is usually standard among all good roofing companies.

What Will You Do with My Old Roof?

Because installing a new roof on top of an old one isn\’t always possible, it\’s important to determine whether your current roof will be removed. If not, you could end up with two layers of shingles. Some new roofs require removing certain pieces of your old roof before installation, so make sure you know what your contractor needs to do to install your new roof.

Will You Bring a Container for the Garbage?

If a workman brings their own refuse container, chances are they are taking good care of their mess. This should be an indication of quality service. They may even take it upon themselves to clean up after their mess! However, if you hire a company that does not bring its own containers, there is a good chance that your rubbish will end up in random locations on your property.

Can My New Roof Be Warrantied?

Every roofer should give you a warranty on their new roof. Make sure that you understand what is and is not covered by that warranty. Also, find out if there are any extra steps or materials required to receive your full warranty – some manufacturers require certain systems to be used in addition to their shingles.

Final Word

When it comes to hiring roofers, there are many questions you may want to be answered—like if they\’re insured or if they can provide references. Keep in mind that roofing contractors usually do not carry worker\’s compensation insurance; rather, your home owner\’s insurance policy would be used to cover any injuries sustained on your property.

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