Mistakes To Avoid When Sourcing for Warehouse Staffing

Selecting the correct people for your warehouse jobs can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By avoiding this common sourcing for warehouse staffing mistakes, you’ll be able to source warehouse staffing more effectively and get the best results from your hiring efforts.

Inventories Are Not Accurate

If you have a lot of inventory to keep track of, you must use accurate measurements for each product or every bottle. If your staff members are measuring inaccurate, some products may end up getting placed on one shelf when they should be on another. This could result in incorrectly ordered items being shipped to customers. This is just one of many mistakes you can avoid when sourcing for warehouse staffing. Make sure your employees know how important accuracy is and make sure that they know how to measure correctly.

Failure to Optimize Picking Paths

Optimizing picking paths is one of those things that may not sound like it should be a high priority, but having an efficient warehouse means your employees can get more done in less time. In other words, they’ll be able to handle even larger workloads without overwhelming and wasting their time. Ensuring you have paths designed for optimal efficiency isn’t just about keeping your current employees happy; it also makes your warehouse far more attractive to potential hires.

Utilization of Paper Processes

It is of utmost importance to use digital processes to access and manage your warehouse staffing. Often, companies rely on paper-based processes, which result in problems in management and lead to mistakes in hiring. By utilizing a digital platform, you can make use of strategies like quick search and filters, which help reduce time to hire, cost per hire, and the number of hires, among other things.

Unpreparedness for the Future

Before you even start searching for employees, have a clear plan in place. This means writing down your goals, budget, and timeline for hiring. How many staff members do you need to meet your goals? And how quickly will you need them? With a crystal-clear plan in place, you’ll be able to quickly sort through applicants, getting rid of any unqualified candidates before they become too serious about working with your company.

Underdevelopment and Undertraining of Staff

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is not providing staff with development and training opportunities. To maximize productivity, staff needs to be trained and educated on what is expected of them. And if there are any upcoming changes in procedures or improvements which need to be made, these need to be communicated proactively. In addition, staff performance should also be monitored regularly to offer help where it’s needed and give workers an idea of how they are doing within a company.

Poor Overall Facility Layout

One of the most common errors companies make when outsourcing to a third-party logistics company is having a poor overall facility layout. This is not to say you should have an ultra-customized warehouse that has everything customized for your fulfillment needs; however, many organizations do exactly that – and it ends up being one of their biggest mistakes. Rather than a custom facility, an efficiently laid out multi-purpose warehouse space can serve your fulfillment needs.

Policy and Enforcement of Safety Are Lacking

Some warehouses prioritize speed over safety. While speed is certainly important, it’s also vital to ensure that no one gets hurt along the way. Make sure you have strong safety policies in place, and those employees are aware of all company policies. Ensuring that your warehouse complies with all local laws and industry standards will go a long way in making sure employees stay safe while they work.

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