Five Most Common Staffing Agency Myths Debunked


It takes a lot of effort to find the ideal individual for the open roles in your firm. Checking applications, interviewing applicants, checking references, testing abilities, and negotiating pay all take time.

This is why staffing agencies exist; they allow you to focus on your company’s operations while assisting you in finding the finest candidates. Contrary to popular assumptions, staffing agencies can provide skilled people with amazing talents to Fortune 500 organizations.

In this post, we will dispel popular staffing agency myths.

We Don’t Need Staffing Agencies as We Have a HR Department

Many businesses have human resources departments in charge of hiring. These, however, are just large enough to enable regular corporate development. If there is an unexpected surge in job openings or an urgent hiring demand, your organization may be unable to identify appropriate individuals.

As a result, utilizing the services of a staffing agency will enable your HR department to concentrate on providing a safe and healthy work environment.

They Only Provide Temporary Employment

One of the most common misunderstandings regarding staffing firms is that they would only provide temporary employment but not permanent jobs.
While staffing agencies frequently provide firms with contract or temporary workers, they also provide permanent jobs. Many jobs start as contract work and subsequently progress to full-time employment with the company.

Staffing agencies can provide direct hire options, in which they seek and analyze job prospects for their customers to recruit directly.

They Only Offer Low Paying or Entry-Level Jobs

Such a myth has been around for a long time. Nowadays, there are several staffing agencies that seek a diverse variety of individuals for specific roles.

Some agencies collaborate with large corporations to identify qualified people for specialized and well-paying roles. Temporary roles also pay well, making them the ideal alternative for certain people.

Only Small Organizations Use Them

Staffing agencies are used by businesses of all sizes to fill a variety of roles. Finding personnel who have been verified and authorized for their role has a lot of attraction for companies of all sizes.
While a firm may have a HR department, its HR manager may be overburdened or lack the knowledge to decide if an applicant is qualified for the position. Allowing a staffing agency to handle this task would help the business to better focus its resources, knowing that they will acquire acceptable and qualified candidates for their open jobs.

There are No Benefit Packages

Another popular myth regarding staffing agencies is that they do not provide a benefits package. When you find a job through an employment agency, it is not always true there were no benefit packages. Many recruitment firms provide extensive benefits as well as supplemental packages such as retirement savings plans, paid vacations, referral programs, and tuition reimbursement.

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