Three Ways Janitorial Services Improve Employees\’ Productivity

Having a clean working environment can greatly improve employees’ productivity in numerous ways and is also healthier for them. The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of clean offices and workspaces as numerous virus transmissions have occurred in offices and workspaces worldwide. It is thus imperative to keep workspaces clean to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect employees’ health.

The demand for janitorial services has also skyrocketed during the pandemic as more companies resort to their cleaning services to disinfect and sanitize their workspaces. A clean working environment brings about numerous benefits and is beneficial for a company in the long run. Here are some ways janitorial services help to improve employees’ productivity.

Increased Working Time

When an office is cleaned properly, the atmosphere and environment of the office will be much more pleasant to work in. There is no longer any dust in the corner of the room, and the air smells cleaner. The mold at the base of the sink is also gone and there is no foul odor in the pantry.

This makes working in the office much more comfortable and employees can get more work done. Professional janitorial services help in cleaning the office to get rid of mold, dust, dirt, and grime. Janitorial services also increase the productivity of your employees as they can fully focus on their work and tasks instead of cleaning up the office or their workspaces. The increased working time thus leads to greater productivity.

Fewer Sick Leave

Studies have shown that workers who work in a clean environment take lesser sick leave as they fall sick less often. They also have lesser health conditions due to the workplace environment. This greatly improves employees’ productivity as they can avoid taking time off for avoidable illnesses.

Janitorial services help in cleaning common touchpoints such as light switches, doorknobs, and toilets. They also help in cleaning and disinfecting common areas and furniture. This reduces the spread of the Covid-19 virus, common flu, pathogens, and other diseases.

Janitorial services also help in ensuring that areas with a high risk of contamination are regularly disinfected and cleaned. This decreases the likelihood of your staff falling sick and they will be able to focus on their work, thereby increasing their productivity.

Less Distraction

A workplace environment that is cluttered, dirty, and disorganized can be very harmful psychologically as it will make employees feel less motivated and happy at work. Employees will also feel more distracted and may spend time cleaning up after their workspaces. This results in employees being unproductive as they waste lots of time and are not fully focused on their work.

Studies have shown that a dirty and cluttered environment can affect your mental wellbeing and lead to decreased focus, tension, and confusion. Not only will employees feel more agitated, confused, and easily stressed about their work, they may also not be in the right frame of mind to properly complete their work.

This leads to loss of productivity and inefficiency in the working process. Janitorial services help to indirectly improve employees’ productivity by ensuring a clean and neat environment. This brings immense benefits to employees physically and mentally and allows them to better focus on their work.

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