What You Should Know Before Hiring a Roofer

Hiring a roofer can be an overwhelming process if you don\’t know what you\’re doing, so we\’ve created this simple checklist to make the process easier and more organized. You can use it to better understand your needs, then reach out to a few local roofers based on the projects they offer and the pricing estimates they give you. If you have questions about any of the items on the list, just ask them! They should have no problem answering them for you and helping you feel more comfortable about hiring them to do work on your home.

Do They Have Manufacturer Approval?

The first thing you need to look at when hiring a roofer is their insurance policy. Being approved by roofing manufacturers means they are up to date with roofing regulations and will ensure that any work they carry out is of good quality. It can also mean that they have already proven that they do excellent work on roofs made by those specific manufacturers. Ask if there are any guarantees or warranties attached to their service; it shows that you know what you\’re talking about and will impress them enough to take your business if you offer your guarantee or warranty too. If a company can\’t provide these, there may be something wrong with them, don\’t get caught out!

Is Documentation Readily Available from Them?

All skilled tradespeople have a license, but some also have professional qualifications and certificates. What to look for in terms of certification will vary based on your project, but it\’s vital that your chosen contractor has a proven record of getting work done to a high standard. 

Is There a Portfolio on Their Website?

If a roofer has a website, make sure it has photos of their completed jobs. This way, you can see how their work compares to other potential contractors in your area. Another important feature is to look for pictures showing their crew on site doing their job. In today\’s competitive marketplace, most businesses have an online presence; if they don\’t, then that should be a red flag and could indicate that something isn\’t quite right. 

What Are Their Quoting Terms?

Some companies will ask for 10% of costs upfront with more money due when they are nearly finished. Others want to be paid by milestones, like 25% before work begins and another 25% halfway through. Make sure you get a clear quote on their payment terms and always read the small print carefully.

What Is Their Work Schedule?

If they say that a roofing project can be done within three days, ask them to provide you with an itinerary detailing each task, workday, and all. If they don\’t provide you with one, chances are it\’s because there isn\’t one in place. Also, beware of contractors who offer very short timelines for projects as no job should take less than two weeks to complete unless there is only minor restoration involved, and all materials have been sourced beforehand. 

Do They Offer a Warranty?

What will be their first order of business? What type of warranty can you expect? Will your roofer repair or replace shingles/roof tiles if any issues arise as a result of damage caused by weather? Don\’t just ask what warranty they will provide? Make sure to clarify what that exactly means. If a roofer has full labor and material warranties, that\’s great! However, it would also be ideal to have one that offers both full labor and material warranties because you know they are personally invested in not only seeing your roof job done right but done right in accordance with industry standards.

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