4 Qualities To Look For When Recruiting An Administrative Assistant In NJ


As an entrepreneur, you probably do many things on your own. You design the marketing materials, plan events, answer emails and make sales calls. While this is all well and good for starters, it\’s not always easy to stay on top of everything when you\’re working on your projects as well as running a business. You might find that recruiting an administrative assistant NJ can be just what you need to keep up with demands. To hire successfully, it\’s essential to know what qualities are important in an assistant – both for them to be successful (and make sure they stay in the job) and so that you can work effectively with them once they are hired!


Organization is one of the most important qualities to look for in a candidate. A business can only thrive if things are kept organized, and an administrative assistant is often in charge of keeping order. Ask your candidate about how they stay organized and what steps they take to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Discretion is a key quality to look for in a potential administrative assistant, but it\’s also essential in any employee—and as a human being. In business, discretion means maintaining confidentiality and keeping private information out of the public eye. It\’s important not only because you want to avoid legal trouble or damage to your reputation but because there are some things that shouldn\’t be shared with anyone else: social security numbers, credit card numbers, and personal health information come to mind. And if you\’re going through something difficult—say, divorce or illness—you\’ll want your administrative assistant by your side while you work through it so that they can help you keep things private (or at least minimize gossip).

A person who displays good discretion doesn\’t just keep secrets; they also take care not to share them even when asked directly by someone else who\’s interested in them (like someone who might have their own agenda). They aren\’t judgmental about others\’ situations either.


You may have heard the term \”loyalty\” used to describe an employee\’s dedication to their company. If you\’ve ever seen a very loyal employee, you know that it\’s more than just showing up on time and doing what they\’re told. A good assistant will act in accordance with your interests, even when it means going against the interests of others.

For example, if someone else in your company is trying to get rid of you, and this assistant helps them do so because they want that person\’s job themselves—or if that assistant tells lies about how much money your company makes or loses—that is NOT loyalty! That is betrayal! And in my opinion, any admin who does these things should not be given another opportunity with which to show their disloyalty again!


Initiative is the ability to take on new tasks without being asked. You may want your administrative assistant to wait for you to tell her what needs doing, but an effective administrative assistant will be proactive and think of ways she can help out, even if it\’s something small. For example, if she sees the paper towels running low in the kitchen, she\’ll take care of it without being told—and she\’ll do so immediately!

They don\’t need constant supervision or direction from others because they\’re capable of taking ownership of projects and completing them in their own time frame as long as they know where their responsibilities lie within those projects (in other words: knowing who should do what). 


In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to hiring administrative assistants. However, these top qualities can help you make sure your new hire will be a fantastic fit for the job.

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