Keep These 5 Things In Mind When Hiring CDL Drivers


If you are looking to hire CDL drivers, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before making your decision. It is important to be picky about the people you hire because it could mean the difference between your business succeeding or failing. Below, we\’ll outline the top qualities when hiring CDL drivers to join your team. As long as you follow these tips, chances are you\’ll be able to find the right person to help run your company in no time!

Be Specific About The Vehicle

Make sure you are clear about the vehicle the candidate needs to drive and make sure they agree to your terms before taking them on. For example, You need to drive a 40-foot truck, is better than I want you to drive as many loads as possible. This way, you won\’t be surprised when the time comes for the candidate to take over driving responsibilities. The last thing you want is for someone who doesn\’t have adequate experience behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle; it could mean costly delays. If possible, ask drivers in person or with video recordings if they can load and unload their trucks within a certain amount of time and make sure they can comply with your requests before hiring them. Save yourself future frustrations by laying out expectations clearly upfront!

Consider Additional Benefits

It\’s not just about their pay rate. The days of employees having little to no options outside of employer-provided benefits are long gone. Today, you need to offer other valuable perks to attract and retain top talent, including healthcare plans and retirement options. While it\’s true that many full-time drivers have some level of coverage through their employers, these benefits often come with waiting periods or subscription levels which limit total reimbursements for certain medical services until you reach a certain payout level. If your employees value paying less out-of-pocket for medical visits or cheaper prescription drugs, offering access to an inexpensive (or even free) health savings account will be a big incentive for them.

Use The Right Job Board

Why is using the right job board so important? The answer lies in the data. Many job boards have been around for decades, have developed a large user base, and, as a result, are saturated with employers. Using the wrong job board can mean your jobs aren\’t getting to where they need to be seen by candidates. If you use big-name boards as your main source of hiring drivers, you\’re missing out on an opportunity to maximize your presence and reach qualified truckers looking for work in your area. Instead, try niche boards like those geared toward trucking jobs or the niche ones specific to each region of the country where you hire most frequently.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Companies using social media for recruiting or hiring see an average of 3.4 times more hires than those that don\’t. Recruiters should leverage the power of social media and make it easy for candidates to apply through your official channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are some of the most popular options. 

Ask For Employee Referrals

Consider starting your search by reaching out to people you know who work in trucking or even people who don\’t. You\’d be surprised how many drivers will pass along a resume for someone they know is looking for a job if it means that person might refer them in return at some point down the road (of course, you can\’t guarantee that—but nothing ventured, nothing gained). It\’s important to note: Be sure your workforce has a robust mix of experience levels and skillsets when hiring new employees. Younger workers are often cheaper but may not stay with your company as long as an older employee.

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