6 Benefits Of Hiring Temporary CDL Drivers


If you\’re in the trucking industry, you know how hard it can be to find and keep drivers on staff. It can be challenging to find reliable employees to drive your trucks between driver turnover, sick days, and annual vacation time. Temporary CDL drivers can be a great way to fill in when you have an opening in your schedule or need more workforce than usual. This article will walk you through how these drivers can help your business run more smoothly and profitably.

Contribute To Full-Time Employees\’ Paid Vacations

Full-time employees who take paid vacation or time off might miss shifts, making your business vulnerable to loss. With seasonal peaks and valleys, hiring a temporary team member can help ensure business continuity during busy times when there are not enough full-time employees to cover demand. Your temporary employees will also bring a fresh set of skills for certain tasks that might only need to be handled once or twice annually, so it is good to have them temporarily on board for those situations.

Ensure Truck Driver Staffing Is Based On The Business Demand

You can manage truck driver staffing based on business demand with a temporary driver. Temporary CDL drivers don\’t come with regular benefits or paid leave; they usually don\’t work as many hours as permanent drivers. This means your labor costs will be lower than working with a full-time team member. By using a temporary driver, your transportation expenses will also remain consistent as long as demand remains stable. Even though it may seem counterintuitive to use temps when demand is low, it can help save money in other areas—like fuel and vehicle maintenance—instead of having an extra driver sitting around doing nothing.

Savings On Holiday Overtime Pay And Benefits

Many employers are under pressure to reduce their labor costs. They do that by requiring employees to pay a percentage of their health insurance and other benefits. However, these costs often don\’t account for holiday overtime. Hiring a temporary driver can alleviate some holiday-related stress from your books without blowing your payroll budget. 

Attract Better Full-Time Employees If You Offer Flexible Scheduling

In today\’s ever-changing economy, many employees are looking for temporary work. Because they aren\’t sure what their schedule will look like in a few months, they need flexible hours to handle better-unexpected life events such as a new baby or a spouse\’s promotion. If you offer these flexible scheduling options, these employees may decide to stay with your company full-time. This way, you won\’t lose out on great talent and workers simply because they couldn\’t commit to an early morning shift before starting school at night.

Pay For Only The Work Done, Not The Time Spent In Travel

While having a driver who is often out on the road can seem costly, hiring a temporal driver means you only pay for the work done rather than their time spent in travel. For example, if your warehouse is 40 miles away from your office and you\’re spending money on gas to send three different employees there each day, choosing a temporary worker could save your company money. 

Increased Revenue

One obvious benefit of hiring temporary drivers is increased revenue. When you rely on temporary drivers, you don\’t have to increase overhead by making a permanent hire. If something comes up, you can swap out one temporary driver for another instead of taking a hit to your bottom line by having to fire an employee. 

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