A Guide To Improving Quality Of Hire

Employees are the foundation of every company. The most qualified candidates must be chosen to fill each position. It is common practice for organizations today to measure and analyze different recruitment metrics to guide them in making better hiring decisions. Of which the metric of quality of hire has been gaining popularity with its ability to assess an employee’s overall work quality. That is why it is important to develop new ways to better the recruitment process and acquire the best team for your organization. Here is our guide to improving the quality of hire of your company.

Measure Work Performance 

The first step in improving your quality of hire is to understand the current situation of your employees. Set up goals and key performance indicators to measure how your employees are currently doing. From there, you will be able to assess their current ability and provide targets for improvement for them to strive for. Having a visible target makes it easier for people to consistently progress in their work.

Provide Accurate Job Descriptions 

To get good hires, you will first have to attract the attention of suitable potential candidates. You can do this by providing a clear overview of the roles and responsibilities the job entails as well as what the company is about. By creating accurate job postings with engaging job descriptions, you’ll have a higher chance of catching the attention of higher-quality candidates that will be a perfect fit for the role.

Analyze Past Hiring Data 

Advanced analytics are providing recruiters with opportunities to refine their recruitment process. By collecting pre-hire and post-hire data, you will have sufficient information to make reliable hiring decisions to increase your quality of hire. Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence can be used to advertise job openings, screen resumes, assess potential candidates, and determine future hiring needs. A study has found that 52% of talent acquisition leaders agree that the hardest part of recruiting is sifting through the large pool of applicants. The usage of big data analytics can vastly reduce this hassle and streamline the recruitment process.

Organize Online Assessments 

Having online assessments is a great way to assess future employees in how they will adapt to the company and if they are the right fit for the job. These assessments can test the candidate’s current skill level and speed of learning. This can both remove candidates that are unsuitable for the job as well as manage the expectations of potential hires. As such, certain individuals can choose to reject the job offer if they realize that they might not be good for the role even if they are qualified on paper.

Contract Staffing Agencies 

A surefire way of hiring high-quality employees is to enlist the help of staffing agencies. A staffing agency specializes in the recruitment and hiring of individuals to fit the role of the job opening. Candidates are pre-screened and highly trained before they are assigned to the role. With such efficiency, you will be almost guaranteed a great hire through working with them.

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