6 Tips For Onboarding New Hires

Businesses all around the world have been forced to move to a work-from-home friendly environment because of the global outbreak of COVID19. This means that companies with hiring intentions will have to virtually onboard new staff.

It\’s difficult to onboard a remote employee, especially if you don\’t have the necessary technologies in place to help your HR staff and new workers.

So, during COVID19, how do you go about onboarding new hires? Here are some pointers to make the procedure go smoothly:

Make a Digital Onboarding Center 

Creating a digital onboarding center should be the first stage in your onboarding process. Your HR staff should try to make your existing onboarding tools more efficient.

Finally, you have a single onboarding experience that is mobile-friendly, branded, and quick. New hires can access all of their onboarding information in one place rather than moving across platforms. This saves time for everyone while also removing uncertainty and irritation.

Invest in a Learning Management System 

Invest in software that allows you to train online. Employee onboarding may be accelerated and simplified with the use of online training software. From a single dashboard, these tools allow you to effortlessly train and manage your new staff. New workers may go back and revise their expertise as needed because the information is readily available.

Use Video Conferencing to Develop Connections 

COVID19 has made it difficult for firms to invite new workers into their workplaces for orientation, resulting in a disconnect. Instead, you may utilize video conferencing to welcome your new employees to their coworkers and help them form relationships.

Consider presenting them to your team at your weekly stand-up meetings and setting up appointments between new employees and other team members.

Get Feedback From New Personnel 

Before starting new initiatives, it\’s critical to get input from new personnel. If they are unsure about some aspects of a new undertaking, it may cause them to worry in the future. 

Consider asking the following questions to make sure that new staff is at ease and eager to get started: 

  • Do you have the necessary resource and tools?
  • Do you know what exactly your job scope is?
  • Do you have reservations (if any) regarding the projects you\’re working on?
  • Do you feel at ease when asking others for assistance?

Enhance the Onboarding Process 

You should think about the successes and failures of each new procedure you deploy. Examine and record how new employees react to your company’s onboarding process. Was it difficult for them to catch up? Was there any ambiguity or anything they did not understand during the onboarding procedure? Evaluate what components of your company’s onboarding procedure should be kept, and explore suitable replacements for those that were disorganized or unclear.

Start Somewhere 

Onboarding a new employee is difficult in any setting, but completing the process in a remote setting adds a layer of complexity. However, if you use the right method and technology, connecting new employees with colleagues, overcoming knowledge gaps, and familiarizing them with your company\’s product or service will be much easier.

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