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General Workforce is driven by its purpose of helping industries hire the best manpower for their respective businesses. Over the years, we have worked with those in the transportation industry and those looking for drivers to help deliver their goods and services to their clients. As experts in delivery driver staffing, we promise to hire only the best delivery driver and all other drivers to help you carry out your daily endeavors.

Understanding Delivery Drivers

When businesses need delivery drivers, it follows that one qualification they will look after is how promptly yet safely these professionals will be able to distribute products to customers. Drivers are expected to represent the company professionally and cost-effectively to assure customer satisfaction at all times and increase profitability. Among the responsibilities of delivery drivers are:

  • Delivering a wide range of items to clients.
  • Delivering according to set driving routes within set time schedules
  • Loading, unloading, inspecting, and operating delivery vehicles.
  • Collecting payments from clients
  • Fill in reports and complete logs
  • Soliciting customer feedback and resolving complaints when necessary.
  • Complying with industry safety and regulatory standards.

Depending on the company hiring delivery drivers, they should meet specific requirements. Some would be required to be able to operate tractors and forklifts, while others simply need to know how to drive cars or motorcycles. They should have a good driving record and a professional driver’s license, of course. Having excellent time management and organizational skills is also essential.

Benefits of Hiring Delivery Drivers

In today’s world, where the pandemic caused everyone to stay home and buy their goods online, the demand for delivery drivers has also increased. This makes businesses look for professionals in this field to reach out to their clients and deliver goods and services conveniently and safely to their customers.

Note that delivery drivers are beneficial for your business’s ability to widen its horizons while growing sales and increasing profit. These experts are not just needed in the food business. They also matter to those with large-scale businesses and anything needing to deliver goods and services to clients.

How Our Delivery Driver Staffing Specialists Can Help

At General Workforce, our dedicated delivery driver staffing specialists streamline the hiring process for your business. We take charge of the routine interview, check on all legal documents, and see that applicants meet all requirements and minimum credentials. We do the interviewing when you ask us for help whenever needed. We even help you choose from a list of shortlisted individuals, depending on your preference.

Why Choose General Workforce?

At General Workforce, we always work hard to meet our clients’ expectations, even exceeding them whenever possible. We can do that by ensuring that our staffing specialists select only the most competent delivery drivers and other staff that will make up your team. We always make it a point that our professionals undergo training to become updated with the latest trends and requirements in the industry.

How we Choose the Best Staff for You?

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