What Do Construction Laborers Do?

Working on a construction site is one of the most physically taxing jobs, and there is a very important group of people who are behind every construction project. Construction laborers are skilled workers who have to do the physical part of a project. They are in charge of excavating, demolishing any existing buildings, and building new ones. A common misconception about construction laborers is that their jobs do not require brains. However, that is far from the truth. Much of their job requires them to learn how to read blueprints, and they have to know the proper way to use the equipment. There are numerous tasks that construction laborers must do during their work hours, and here are a few. 

Construction Laborer and Helper Job Description 

Construction laborers are involved in every process of any construction project. They control traffic around the work areas, operate jackhammers and survey areas using specialized equipment. They also tend and operate any equipment and machinery that is needed for the job. Some jobs may require them to dig trenches, compact earth to prepare the land for construction. Construction laborers are also the ones that help you fill the potholes on the road. Certain projects will need them to set work priorities based on their interpretation of plans or specializations. Specialized construction workers are also trained to dig out tunnels with the use of hydraulic boring machines or explosives. They are trained to use lasers to place pipes and control robotic pipe cutters. If certified, construction laborers can even remove asbestos and other toxic chemicals. 

On the other hand, construction helpers help with loading and unloading building materials for a construction job. They help to take apart scaffolding, temporary structures, and braces. They can take charge of setting forms for cement that has been poured, and the cleaning of sites. Taking apart equipment and waste disposal are also part of the job description. Construction helpers are more common for construction trades with craft workers like painters, tile and marble setters, carpenters, and more. 

How to Become a Construction Laborer

While many might think that it is easy to become a construction laborer, it takes a long time to be a certified construction laborer. Many construction laborers learn their skills on the job without proper education. Welding courses and mathematics are some useful courses that people take in high school. Some may even choose to attend a trade school, college, or apprenticeship program with two to four years of technical instruction and training while on the job. At least 4000 hours of on-the-job training and 300 hours of related instructions for areas like blueprint reading. The rest of the curriculum will include some form of specialized training, from masonry to landscaping. Some programs prefer to accept veterans, though most construction laborers have a high school diploma.

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