Tracking The Progress Of Your Construction Project: A Guide

Studies have shown that constantly tracking and monitoring the progress of your project can help with the project’s success and completion. The same thing applies to us as well. If we want to achieve our goals and objectives, we also have to be diligent in tracking our progress and ensuring that we are improving and being consistent.

There is thus a direct correlation between construction project progress tracking and project success. Construction project progress tracking brings about numerous advantages such as improved accountability, reduced delays, more informed decision-making, preventing misunderstanding, enhanced operation visibility, and faster formulation of contingency plans.

Tracking your progress consistently also allows you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the project will be completed on time. Here are some tips to help in tracking the progress of your construction project.

Document Everything

Whatever happens on your construction site is critical to the success of the project. However, it could also be detrimental to your job if any problem emerges such as workplace accidents or financial fraud. It is important to be prepared by tracking and documenting everything that happens on-site and even the details of the construction project.

You should also document your daily tasks, objectives, site tour findings, and any important information with regards to the construction project or your position. By documenting everything, not only are you better positioned to track the progress of the construction project, but you are also able to identify any flaws or gaps in the project process that can be addressed.

You are also able to stay updated on issues that may pose challenges or constraints to the completion of the construction project. You should consider using photo documentation to better monitor construction activities and their progress, obtain visual evidence for references in subsequent projects, and avoid litigation.

Productivity Tracking

Productivity entails how well the project’s daily objectives are executed, and whether resources such as manpower and finances are efficiently allocated to achieve the most productive outcome. It is critical to understand the construction team’s progress in daily tasks and whether these tasks are being completed effectively and efficiently.

You should try to use a field productivity tracking software that allows for generating and administration of important documents such as field reports. This allows you to better address any problems and productivity issues in construction sites and find the appropriate solution to address these challenges.

Schedule Tracking

There are numerous factors involved in tracking the schedule of the project and it is not enough to view the project as a whole to judge whether the project is on time or behind time. Sometimes, a small mistake or challenge can result in the project schedule being delayed if it is not properly addressed.

When it comes to schedule tracking to track the progress of the construction project, it is best to use scheduling software which helps to track every project detail and can be scheduled for important objectives and milestones.

This is because there are numerous elements in a construction project which constantly change and may need refinement. Using software to track the schedule of the project ensures that the schedule and milestones are constantly updated and optimized to best suit the needs of the project.

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