4 Most Common Types of Construction Jobs Explained


Today, construction projects are becoming increasingly complicated even for residential properties. This is considering increased demand from homes in terms of utility, quality, value, and longevity. To ensure that a house is constructed well, it’s necessary to have a team of specialists on site to carry out the work they are specialized and certified in. understanding some of the common construction jobs makes it easier for you to understand what your construction project will need vis a vis labor. You can also work with a staffing agency to assess the scale and scope of the project, which will in turn determine the types of workers needed for the job. Some of the common construction jobs you will come across include:

Construction Workers

When one talks of construction jobs, they often first think of construction workers. In the United States, a construction worker earns a median salary of around $15 per hour. Cities with construction booms have more demand for construction workers and pay more. The main duties of a construction worker include manual labor, operation of heavy construction machinery and handle most hand tools. They are not considered specialized, though skill is highly appreciated in the cadre. Construction workers are also expected to be able to read and understand blueprints of the construction project, as well as understanding and following the occupational health and safety aspects of construction.

Flooring Installer

Flooring is a delicate process during construction. It needs technical skill and experience to ensure that the finished product is ideal. Common problems associated with poor floor installation include building collapse, faster deterioration of the floor and problems such as leaking. Some of the benefits of some floors such as sound deadening may also be compromised when not done properly. Flooring installers are supposed to understand all aspects of flooring and should ideally be able to install diverse types of flooring to perfection. They should also be able to advise on which type of floor to install for a specific purpose. Quality floorers can be gotten from a staffing agency with excellent reviews


A glazier in the United States makes an average of $20 an hour. Their main responsibilities include cutting and installing glass for windows, doors, and other surfaces. They are expected to also advise on the properties that the glass should have depending on how and where it is to be used. They should therefore be part of the team that determines project specifications. 

Brick Mason

Brick masons have a similar national average salary to glaziers. They are responsible for creating bricks and structures including fireplaces, walls, walkways and more. The types of bricks used depend on the application. For instance, bricks to be used for a fireplace should be highly resistant to fire to make them safe. Brick masons also work grout for finishing of brick structures. 

These are just a few among the myriad types of construction workers. It’s always important to determine the types of skilled workers that a building or other construction will need before commencing on construction. This will make hiring easier and faster.

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