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When you have a company or business, you need to hire different staff for your day-to-day operations. So, it is important for you to be clear about the type of services you need and become familiar with the job descriptions. After knowing more, you will be able to hire the most suitable people for the job. Read on to learn more about shipping clerks!

Understanding the Role of Shipping Clerks

shipping clerk is a person who coordinates operational activities. They check that items are labeled and packed correctly before shipping. Shipping clerks process, record, and monitor all the deliveries that take place. They handle cargo documentation, inward shipments, and invoices. Shipping clerks are there to make sure that the shipments are accurate as well as comply with the necessary immigration and customs procedures. 

Shipping clerks cover a wide range of services. Here is the job scope of shipping clerks: 

  • Manage the shipment of all supplies, materials, and products 
  • Communicate and collaborate with customer service representatives, service providers, logistics technicians, and others involved in product shipment
  • Track and update the status of shipments
  • Maintain a neat and clean area
  • Keep an accurate log sheet of daily inventory, moves, and counting 
  • Engage with drivers and vendors 
  • Provide extra backup support for receiving and shipping departments 

Benefits of Hiring Shipping Clerks

Shipping clerks are there to ensure that items are labeled and packed in the right way for shipping. They monitor, process, and record a company’s deliveries. These include merchandise, materials, supplies, and stock in a warehouse. Shipping clerks have to be organized and able to pay close attention to detail. This makes sure that your deliveries are fulfilled on time so that the warehouse operations will flow smoothly. 

Professional shipping clerks are trained with the necessary skills to do the job. By having efficient workers around, your operations will be able to proceed smoothly. This also helps to reduce costs for your company which leads to greater profits. 

How Our Shipping Clerk Staffing Specialists Can Help

Choosing qualified professionals is important for warehouse staffing. By looking for shipping clerk staffing specialists, you will be able to find the best shipping clerk quickly. Our specialists are prepared to help you hire staff who can promote success, increase efficiency, and lower costs. If you are looking for people to streamline logistics or organize your inventory, you can reach out to our shipping clerk staging specialists to assist you in this process.  

Why Choose General Workforce?

With many years of experience, General Workforce is more than able to effortlessly improve your efficiency. We are aware of how important it is to maximize business productivity and profits. 

General Workforce has the best collection of highly skilled workers in New York and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to give you the best workforce possible, and we hope to increase customer satisfaction. We pledge to provide you with excellent service and construction labor at a low cost.

Do not hesitate to contact our shipping clerk staffing experts by calling us at (718) 674-6829 or sending us an email today.

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