General workforce is an N.Y.S. MBE certified recruitment and employment agency with its head office based in Ozone park, New York, with a branch which operates in New Jersey and Arizona.

This agency opened its doors in the year 2005 under the name AUTOMOBILE WORKFORCE which now serves as the parent company.

Our team diligently works with several leading businesses and are constantly raising the standards to provide a premium approach in staffing needs with our ever-growing database of diversely skilled professionals to fit every need of our clients.

With the help of our successful five step hiring process, we are able to bond with both our clients and candidates professionally, gaining extensive knowledge when the placement process commences.

Our main priority is to support our clients through both their current and future business challenges. Whether it be part-time or full-time staffing needs, we unite both clients and candidates and set them both on a path towards a successful career.

We go above and beyond the expected, while forging relationships and preparing our candidates for higher success in the given future.

We understand recruitment as a mission, bearing in mind the candidate as the vital element in the process. Therefore, a committed team was created whose aim is to match the right candidate to the correct available position.

We strongly believe that caring about the development and the good of an employee also serves to develop a company.

We also understand success as a client satisfaction and long term cooperation and wholly aim to achieve such.

General workforce is quite simple. We believe we have two clients: our customers and our employees. Our success and reputation are built around each other.

We know our relationship is with both is mutually beneficial and we continuously strive to satisfy each at the highest possible level.

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