Administrative Assistants

Administrative support is an essential part of a business as it helps to keep records, correspondences, and more elements under control. A good administrative assistant is someone who can multi-task to ensure proper clerical duties and office support can be managed efficiently. If your company is looking to hire administrative assistants, our staffing specialists at General Workforce can provide the assistance you need. We conduct thorough screening procedures to match your firm to the most suitable candidates.

Understanding the Role of Administrative Assistants

Majority of administrative assistants are required to manage and disseminate information within an office setting. This role generally revolves around taking memos and minutes, answering and screening phone calls, maintaining the filing system, and sending and receiving correspondences. Some administrative assistants may also be required to perform receptionist duties which include welcoming and greeting clients and guests at the office lobby. Below are some of the most crucial skills that a good administrative assistant should possess to be an asset to the company:

  • Verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Independence
  • Technology literacy

Benefits of Hiring Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants add value to the company as they provide support to executives, departments, and groups to ensure administrative tasks are carefully managed at all times. Administrative assistants handle a variety of the backend processes of a company that involves finances, policies, contracts, catalogues and other important materials. By employing an administrative assistant, business processes can be implemented more efficiently to ensure the smooth running of its operations. This allows the company to create progress and improve customer experience endlessly.

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How Our Administrative Assistant Staffing Specialists Can Help

As we are aware, administrative work involves a variety of different tasks. A good administrative assistant must possess different traits and skills that are important to manage the assigned duties with ease. At General Workforce, we help your company screen through all potential candidates to ensure that you will get the right fit. There are plenty of worker profiles that need to be screened which our staffing specialists will help you to manage thoroughly. With the comprehensive process that we implement, rest assured that your job descriptions can be matched to the very last detail to match you up with the most ideal employee.

Why Choose General Workforce?

The main objective of General Workforce is to help save businesses the time and money needed to find qualified employees. Our middleman services include extensive screening of employee profiles so your company can concentrate solely on your business operations while our staffing specialists handle the tedious matching process. We understand how important it is to find talent and with our expertise and years of experience in the staffing industry, we can match you with the most suitable candidates. Our portfolio of workers comprises an extensive range of experienced candidates from different backgrounds and specialties. Thus, rest assured that there will be a series of options that will fit the exact position that your company is offering.

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