Skilled CDL-A/B Driver Staffing & Recruiting Solutions

When you are looking to hire someone who can drive your equipment for you, we, at General Workforce, are here to assist you with your needs. We are an industry leader in CDL B Driver staffing services, with years of experience in hiring specialists in different fields. We make sure you will worry no more about looking for CDL-A/B Drivers for your company.

Understanding CDL-A/B Drivers


The various driver classifications are set by federal standards. When it comes to Commercial Driver\’s License (CDL), drivers are classified into two, namely:

  • CDL-A Drivers
    Those who are allowed to operate trailers or semi-trailers that have two or more axles. They are also allowed to drive vehicles with a combined weight rating of over 26,000 pounds, and a vehicle weight rating of over 10,000 pounds for towed vehicles.
  • CDL-B Drivers
    These drivers operate vehicles with lighter weights when compared to those driven by their CDL-A counterparts. This means they only drive vehicles with a combined weight rating of up to 26,000 pounds and towed vehicles with a weight rating of up to 10,000 pounds. These drivers basically drive straight trucks or buses.

Benefits of Hiring a CDL-A/B Driver


Hiring CDL-A/B drivers can be a challenge, regardless of the industry your operations are mainly concentrated in. Imagine the long hours and overnight shifts as well as multiple days these drivers will be away from home, it will be difficult to look for one with the commitment to work with you.

Despite all these challenges, there are plenty of benefits from hiring one. When you hire someone using staffing specialists, you can easily manage your business according to its demands. You need not be over-staffed or under-staffed. There is someone to supplement your full-driving staff as well.

You can also hire temporary drivers, especially during peak seasons for your business. This makes the setup more flexible, while you reduce your overhead costs and focus on providing perks to your permanent employees.

How Our CDL-A/B Driver Staffing Specialists Can Help


General Workforce is comprised of a team of CDL-A/B Drivers Staffing specialists who are experts in managing human resources. Our years of experience in this business make us ever-ready when facing all the processes of hiring professional drivers to be part of any industry. We make sure that all you have to do next is check on the background of these drivers through our website. We only hire drivers who have passed the standards and have clean motor vehicle records as well.

Why Choose General Workforce?


At General Workforce, we always ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services at all times. Our staffing specialists take charge of hiring the best in the industry, including CDL-A/B Drivers that you need for your business. We also provide training to our workforce to ensure that they become even more skilled in their chosen professions. This is our way of instilling the value of efficiency and productivity in them so that no time and money is wasted in the course of delivering your products and services to your clients later.

Reach out to one of our CDL-A/B Drivers staffing experts by calling us at (718) 674-6829 or sending us an email today.

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