What Are The Responsibilities Of A Class-A Truck Driver?

In addition to construction laborers, trucks have always been a common sight on the roads, but many might wonder what truck drivers actually do. Class-A truck drivers are referred to as commercial drivers and are typically in charge of transporting the materials and other goods that they have picked up. Their main goal is to deliver the goods efficiently while maintaining their vehicles and abiding by traffic laws. All drivers usually have to fill up a daily log, where they state what they have done throughout the day. They also can help with the loading and unloading of the delivered goods. There are two types of drivers – heavy trucks and tractor-trailers, and light trucks. The maximum weight that a light truck driver’s vehicle can carry is 26,000 pounds, while the former can exceed that value. Smaller truck drivers usually have on-the-job training while heavy truck drivers are recommended to complete a truck driver training program either from vocational schools or community colleges. There are many things to learn in such programs, from commercial truck laws to freight handling. Heavy truck drivers are also required to own a commercial driver\’s license. There are many responsibilities of class-A truck drivers, and here are a few.

Duties of a Long Haul Truck Driver

Long haul drivers usually operate heavy tractor-trailer vehicles. They are given a destination and a deadline. From there, drivers have to plan their route to deliver the goods while complying with the federal and state restrictions with regard to road access and rest. These routes can be extended across the different states, and can even venture into different countries nearby.

Duties of a Light Truck Driver

Light truck drivers are in charge of transporting cargo within a small region, typically from a distribution center to residential homes or businesses. Their trucks may be loaded once in the morning and distributed the given parcels for the rest of the day. Delivering several loads in a day is also possible. Aside from this, paperwork regarding delivery confirmations and shipments that pay cash on delivery will be handled by them as well.

Duties of a Specialized Truck Driver

Specialized drivers are a little different from the first two. They handle unusual packages from liquids and hazardous industrial wastes to cars and other oversized loads. These truck drivers have to strictly adhere to the safety regulations and procedures of transportation. They also have to be more careful while driving as these loads tend to require extra care.

Duties of a Route Truck Driver

A route truck driver is a cross between a sales worker and a truck driver. They are also known as sales workers/drivers. They have to deliver and arrange goods for retail stores. They might also have to help with the replacement of worn and soiled items for rental companies. They also have a special task of seeking new customers while on their routes and recommend them to increase their inventory to stock up on more items.

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